George Dillon was born in Ireland March 2, 1826.


After emigrating to the US, the promise of a "bounty of clams" lured him to the mud flats of Tomales Bay. At that time, the train and stagecoach made a stop  in Tomales and Dillon saw an opportunity. With the tourists coming up the coast to see the mile-long beach and the redwoods, he built a hotel and restaurant and ran a buckboard to  meet the passengers in Tomales, shuttling them to his resort. In the early 1900s, Dillon sold his holdings to John Keegan with the agreement that the beach would be named Dillon Beach.


In the mid 1920's Keegan sold the hotel, restaurant store and cabins to the Lawson family — Lawson’s Landing is still a destination for picnickers and campers — "The Family Playground of Marvelous Marin."


In the 1960's, Keegan's grandson, James Keegan, along with Henry Trione developed Oceana Marin, the modern houses built on the hillsides overlooking the beach and village.


Today, Dillon Beach Resort is owned and operated by Fred and Nancy Cline of Sonoma Valley, California. The resort consists of a cafe, general store, three beach-front cabins, and paid parking to access the privately maintained beach.

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